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IFTRC Will Be Part Of 4th International Festival Of Cellphone Cinema

November 28, 2010

4th International Festival of Cellphone Cinema

International Film And Television Research Centre established in 1993 to promote film and television education in India has already served and helped many film and television organizations and film makers now joins hand with 4th International Festival of Cellphone Cinema fixed for 15th -16th January, 2011.

IFTRC will provide all inputs to new and young film makers as how to do the best even in limited resources. “We are consulting all members of IFTRC spread all over the World to promote 4th International Festival of Cellphone Cinema” said Sandeep Marwah President of IFCC and Director of Asian Academy of Film And Television.

International Festival of Cellphone Cinema has three categories where anybody can submit the entry in one or all including still category, Fiction or music video, and news gathering. The last date of submission is 8th January.AAFT will host the event. (

IPBF Joins Hand With 4th International Festival Of Cellphone Cinema

November 28, 2010

4th International Festival Of Cellphone Cinema

International Public Broadcasting Forum, a body to promote film, television and Radio productions join hands with 4th International Festival of Cellphone Cinema scheduled for 3rd week of January 2011 at Noida Film City.

The World Record Holder of producing largest number of short films and festival President Sandeep Marwah appointed Kalyan Sarkar as festival Director who is also Dean of renowned film school Asian Academy of Film And Television established in 1993.

“International Public Broadcasting Forum will look after all the production and editing of films by providing shooting and post production facilities to all those who wants to participate in this festival.” said R.K.Singh Vice President of IPBF.

“The festival will have seminar, workshop, screening of films and networking lunches and dinners. The big bigs of the industry will participate in the festival” said Sandeep Marwah. (

ICFF Supports 4th International Festival Of Cellphone Cinema

November 28, 2010

4th International Festival Of Cellphone Cinema

“International Festival of Cellphone Cinema has been planned by International Film And Television Club in the month of January 2011 to promote new ideas generated by young and new film makers all over the World. This has been the easiest way to express yourself, and highlight your thinking.” said Sandeep Marwah Festival president and Director Asian Academy Of Film And Television.

The organization to promote Children’s Cinema-International Children’s Film Forum will support 4tht IFCC in full swing. All the film Institutes will participate in this festival and 12th class students of all the schools are also invited to participate in this festival.

International Children’s Forum shall be issuing some interesting awards during this festival including mobile phones as consolation prizes. AAFT will host this festival.(

4th International Festival of Cellphone Cinema in January 2011

November 28, 2010

4th International Festival of Cellphone Cinema

International Film and Television Club along with Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT) have decided to go ahead with the 4th International festival of Mobile Cinema at Marwah Studios in the third week of January 2010.
The purpose of this two days festival is to unleash the creative spark of the participants by using non traditional means of technology like the Cell Phone and create both motion and still imagery. The festival has slot for seminar, workshop by known film makers followed by Gala networking lunches and dinners
All the entries to be created by using a mobile phone. The entries should be original and not infringe on any copy right law. All works to be either uploaded on or the body of work can be sent on CD at the festival office at AAFT, Marwah Studios, Film City, Noida. The last date of registration is 8th-Jan-2011. The video length should be 3 minutes maximum.
The film entries received from various countries will be judged by an international jury in New Delhi and the result for the 9 winner in three categories of the Cell Phone Cinema festival will be announced later. The list of the film entries qualified for the finals, will be disclosed through the Internet.(

Sandeep Marwah Honored With ‘Bharat Gaurav Award’

November 21, 2010

Bharat Gaurav Award By World Religious Parliament

Sandeep Marwah an international media personality, promoter of Noida Film City, President of Marwah Studios with World Records to his credit of producing largest number of short films and recently created another record with QBR Commonwealth Games Delhi, is the teacher and trainer to more than 9000 media persons from 80 countries of the World is honored with ‘Bharat Gaurav Award’.

The National level award constituted by the society presents this award to those who have done extra ordinary work in their field for the human upliftment, self motivators and brought country to world fame with the help of spirituality and honesty.

An award was presented to Sandeep Marwah in a grand function organized during the Global Film Festival Noida 2010 by Acharya Prabhakar Mishra President of World Religious Parliament.

Acharya Satinder secretary General WRP, Dr. Gopal Ji, Chiarperson Global Yog Alliance, M.U.Dua President All India Human Rights Association, R.K.Singh, Joy Shree Arora, Pankaj Parashar, Rittuparna Sengupta, Sharbani Mukerjee, Sangheet Shivan, Sudhir Mishra, Ashok Tyagi, Supran Sen, Yennis Arnnis (Greece), Joao Ponces (Portugal), Zummi (Japan),Khali Mohamed, Dr.Latika Sahani and Dr.OmGupta were present there at the festival.

Film Workshop By Sai Paranjpye At Global Film Festival

November 21, 2010

Workshop At GFFN

The renowned film maker Sai Paranjpye popularly known for her contribution to Children’s Cinema including films like The Little Tea Shop , Jadu Ka Shankh ,Begaar , Sikander , Sparsh , Chasme Buddoor , Katha , Ados Pados , Angootha Chhaap , Disha , Chooriyan , Saaz , Bhago Bhoot , Chaka Chak , Suee was invited by International Film And Television Club to have workshop with the film makers at 3rd Global Film Festival Noida

She has been National Award Winner for her film Sparsh for best Screen Play in the year 1980 and Film for social issues Choodiyan in 1993. She has also been recipient of Film Fare Awards.

Sai Paranjpye read her well prepared paper on children’s film. Talking to the Cinema audience and answering to the different questions she confessed that it is difficult today to sell children’s subject without stars and with stars it is unviable that is why she has stopped making movies. Reality is that market for Children’s films is untapped. A middle path has to be adopted.

Sandeep Marwah suggested that, “ time has come when we have to widen the horizon of so called Children’s film .It can be with children and also on the issues of children like Tare Zameen Pe, Mr India, etc which are super hit films”
Khalid Mohamed said, “No body asks for script for children’s film, it may be suitable for television and channels, and that does not serve our purpose”

R.K.Singh persuaded that film maker should not leave the opportunity which he gets from the Government in the form of finance from NFDC or CFSI.
Ashok Tyagi paid vote of thanks to the veterans and suggested animation films can be a wonderful alternative to regular films.

Sandeep Marwah Spoke on National Education Day

November 12, 2010

If there is any thing which can uplift the level and standard of human being in this modern age then it is the only education which can do the needful” said Sandeep Marwah, a renowned international educationist, reformer and President of Asian Education Group of Marwah Studios on the National Education Day at Noida Film City addressing the large gathering of students a day before the inauguration of 3rd Global Film Festival.

“There is a huge scope of putting efforts into the field of education in India by the Government as well as the Private sector at primary, secondary and higher level of education.” Sandeep Marwah added.

“A god school is a national asset of the highest value at any place or at any time. Schools are the laboratories which produce the future citizens of a state therefore depends upon the quality of such laboratories.” repeated by professor Dr. Om Gupta as quoted by late Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad.

To commemorate the Birth Anniversary of great Indian Leader Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad which is also declared as National Education Day, Asian Academy of Film And Television organized a special program at its campus.

‘Baru – The Wonder Kid’ to premiere at 3rd Global Film Festival Noida

November 11, 2010

Animation film ‘Baru-The Wonder Kid’ is all set to Premiere on 13th November at the ‘3rd Global Film Festival’ at Noida. Instead of the theatrical release, producers Vishnu Manohar and Prabhakar Shukla have decided to hold the first screening at this festival which is dedicated to good children’s films from across the world. Later the film will be brought to theatres.

Comments one of the producers Prabhakar Shukla,“We have decided to push the theatrical release further after seeing the market reaction for recently released animation film Ramayan. Now we will be bringing the film through a different route. 3rd Global Film Festival at Noida’s focus is children’s films.

“We have many children’s film by international directors getting exposure through this festival. Amongst the Indian films, ‘Baru-The Wonder Kid’ is Premiering while other three Indian entries are Mr India, Aasmaan Se Gira and Blue Umbrella. It’s definitely a very good and appropriate platform for us” Informed Sandeep Marwah, the festival President.

‘Baru-The Wonder Kid’ is one of the few animation film that is getting a very positive response from various festivals across the world. After the premiere at the 3rd Global Film Festival, which is showcasing many films from Japan, Russia, Iran, France, Italy, Spain etc, the film will move onto other International films festivals before its theatrical release.

Presented by Shri Vishnu Entertainment & Lemon N Yellow Productions and produced by Vishnu Manohar and Prabhakar Shukla (of Kahani Ek Gudiya Ki fame), ‘Baru-The Wonder Kid’ is directed by Sachin Gote. The story revolves around a twelve year old orphan boy Baru and his courageous journey to free his sister, Anannya (fondly called as Ani), from the clutches of the Devil Prince-Zukayu.

The film’s music is by Vivek Prakash while lyrics is done by Madan Pal. Dubbing for various animated characters is done by Jagjit Singh, Avika Gor, Bhagyashree, Sharad Kelkar, Vrajesh Hirjee, Nandu Madhav (of Harish Chandrachi Factory fame), baby Anushka Shukla, Aditi Mandiwikar, Somesh Agarwal, Chinmay, Nilesh Harsora, Shalin Goyal and Princy Goyal.

BARU at 3rd Global Film Festival

Mr India Will Be Shown During 3rd Global Film Festival

November 9, 2010

Mr India At Global Film Festival

Mr India Will Be Shown During 3rd Global Film Festival

The film which is directly related to Children Mr India is the entry for screening at 3rd Global Film Festival Noida 2010 from 12th to 14th November at festival venue at Noida Film City.

“Even though the film Mr India has been screened so many times in different channels, the children still have great craze for this film” said Sandeep Marwah President of the festival.” This film has been all time hit of Director Shekhar Kapoor and Producer Boney Kapoor” Marwah added.

I wanted to be at the festival for all three days but I have to be out of India for official work” said Boney Kapoor. “I have realized that the reaction of the Children is same after seeing the movie all these years” said Sridevi who is also out of India at the time of Festival.

Other films which are going to be screened in the festival are Nitobeh (Japan), Blue Umbrella (India), 400 Blows (France), Ivan’s Childhood (Russia), The Bicycle Thief (Italy), Baduk (Iran), Mouchette (France), Kirikou Et La Sorciere (France), Bellisemia (Italy), The Spirit of The Beehive (Spain) and many more.

Feature Film Coffee House Gets Space In 3rd Global Film Festival Noida

November 8, 2010

Award Winning Film Coffee House

Critically acclaimed feature film with social theme and entry to 62nd Cannes Film Festival India Pavilion Coffee House found house in 3rd Global Film Festival Noida 2010 from 12th to 14th November at Noida Film City.

“I am pleased and excited that my film has been now the part of prestigious 3rd Global Film Festival focus on Children Films. The reality is that film is moving towards better society and gradually teaches you good culture discarding the bad ones” said Gurbir Grewal the director of the film

“The extraordinary performance of Ashutosh Rana and Sakhshi Tanwar teaches you the real Indian traditions. The subjects covered by Coffee House are now international” said Sandeep Marwah president of the festival.

Shivkala Motion Picture’s presentation Coffee House had bagged two awards during International Women Film Festival of India last year.