Hungarian Film Festival At Asian School Of Communication

Hungarian Film Festival At ASC

“It was immense pleasure to join hands with the great institution Asian Education Group at Marwah Studios which is no less than a University, where all can learn including the organizing capacity and International integration” expressed Tibor Kovacs, the Director of Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre in India on the closing ceremony of three days film festival of Hungarian films at Asian School Of Communication.

“What a pleasure to see the training facilities and supported by such festivals, Marwah University is indeed an international seat of learning” articulated Conann Fitzpatrick media professional and professor from Ulster University, North Ireland.

“While studying international Cinema you just cannot ignore Hungarian Cinema which has its own style and culture” uttered Ajay Sharma a film maker and newly elected President of GRAFTII. “We believe in discipline and cinema is no way away from it” added Brigadier Yogi Raj Tyagi now Secretary of Old Students Association of Mayo College Ajmer.

I am happy that films could create a great tourism between two countries” said Orsi Jarmy of Balassi Institute, Hungary. Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studios presided over the function and narrated experience of his visit to Hungry as Jury Member. R.K.Singh of Asian School of Communication and Kalyan Sarkar of AAFT also spoke on the occasion.

Some of the finest films were shown during the festival including White Palms directed by Szabolcs Hajdu, The investigator by Attila Gigor, The Last Report On Anna by Maria Meszaros, Merry Go Round by Zoltain Fabri, Konyee by Gabor Rohonyi and Made In Hungaria by Gergely Fonyo.


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