ICMEI Promotes Indo Romanian Relations Through Arts And Culture

SAndeep Marwah of ICMEI with Charge d" Affaires H.E.Radu Actavian Dobre

Sandeep Marwah of ICMEI with Charge d” Affaires H.E.Radu Actavian Dobre

New Delhi: “The relation between India and Romania goes many years back. Business do bring two countries together but nationals of two countries can come closer emotionally through arts and culture” said H.E Radu Actavian Dobre Charged d” Affaires of Embassy of Romania in India.

International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry initiated in offering join ventures for film, students exchange program, faculty exchange program, collaborations, affiliations, film festivals and highlighting visits of visiting Romanians in the field of art, Culture, journalism and business associates.

“We invite you to please see for yourself how we are organized” said Sandeep Marwah President ICMEI inviting H.E.Radu Octavian Dobre to start Indo Romanian Art And Culture Association.

Marwah shared his association with Lakatos Robert; film Director from Romania during his visit to Hungary last year as a part of International Jury of 11th Miskolc Film Festival and actress Maria Dinulescu during Mons International Film Festival at Belgium. Secretary General ICMEI Ashok Tyagi and Deputy Secretary Rajeev Mathur were also part of the delegation.


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