Music Video Released By Sandeep Marwah at AAFT

Music Video Released at AAFT

Music Video Released at AAFT

Noida: “The education and training at AAFT is strong enough to make new comer a full fledged professional to an extent that alumni can produce, direct, act, shoot, edit and design their own programs. Today’s music release is one of the examples of this statement” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studio and Asian Education Group at the world release of music video HUMRAHI produced by group of AAFTians at Noida Film City.

“I am indebted to Asian Academy of Film And Television for every thing I have learned from this Temple of Cinema. This my first venture and it will follows many” said Shashi Prakash Chopra former student of 87th batch of AAFT bat and Producer of the music video.

Krishna Lalchandani who also performed the lead role in the video writes the lyrics. The film is directed and edited by Vijay Aryan of 87th batch.

Associate Dean & HOD Direction Mansoor Naqvi, Dean Acting Satish Anand and HOD Acting Yudhveer Dhaiya blessed the team. A poster was also released on the occasion. Later the music video was screened for the students of 88th Batch.


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