90th Batch Will Do Wonders- Sandeep Marwah

First Interaction With 90th of AAFT

First Interaction With 90th of AAFT

Noida: “We all are here to look after your needs and to put you on the right path to see you one day as the most successful film, television and media personalities of the World” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studio and Global Cultural Minister at the first interaction with the trainees of 90th batch of Asian Academy of Film And Television.

“I am recollecting first batch of AAFT when no one knew us in 1993 as trainers. We had to prove ourselves also our capacities and capabilities. Today I can say that I am proud of my team when we have created international records in media, more than 300 awards from all over the World and one of the finest place of learning in the World” added Marwah talking to the young aspirants.

“There is a huge requirement of trained manpower in this industry, what we need is the enthusiastic and hard working professionals. Put your best to get the best. I am sure 90th batch will do wonders in life,” added Marwah.

The session was attended by Prof. Kalyan Sarkar Dean AAFT, Prof Satish Anand Dean Acting, Prof. Mansoor Naquvi Associate Dean AAFT, Prof. Rajinder Gandhi HOD Sound, Prof. Adil Rana HOD Acting, Prof. V.S.Kanan HOD Post Production, Prof. K.K.Wadhwa HOD Camera And Lighting Technics.


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