8th April – International Roma Day Celebrated


8th April Roma International Day Celebrated

New Delhi: 8th April has been marked as the International Roma Day since 1971 when Roma People scattered in all the European countries and America commemorate this day.

Research Foundation International based in New Delhi involved in Roma Studies also celebrated 8th April as International Roma Day also the closing of World Roma Week started on Sunday, the 3rd April.

“We had workshops, seminars, readings, interactions and exhibitions during this week. Idea is to propagate about Roma to rest of the World,” said Dr. Shyam Singh Shashi writer and Chancellor of International Roma Cultural University at Serbia.

“In a span of 1000 years Roma has grown as Charlie Chaplin, Elvis Presley, The fact is that, ‘Adversity Causes some one to break and others to Break The Records’, said Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studios and Chief Guest of the day.

Ambassador Vidya Sagar Verma, NRI Educationist S. K. Trehan, Pro- Vice Chancellor of International Roma Cultural University Dr. Nidhi Trehan, Poetess Sudha, Justice Santosh Khanna and Deen Dayal Agarwal also spoke on the occasion.

Later Sandeep Marwah distributed certificates to the students who all finished with their Roma studies. Dr. S. S. Shashi honored the guests & Sandeep Marwah for his contribution to Roma Cultural Studies.


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