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Exhibition of Paintings by Tara Inaugurated by Sandeep Marwah

May 31, 2016


New Delhi: The painting speaks about the deep interest of the artist in arts. The passion is emerging out of the works hanging here in the art gallery’” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios at the inauguration of Painting exhibition of Tara Khar titled ‘Universe- Made of Stories’ at Alliance Francis, New Delhi.

“The first ever painting exhibition made me nervous but support of my parents encouraged me enough to exhibit my works” said Tara a young sixteen years old artist to the audience.

Renowned artist Anjoiie Ela Menon blessed the young artist and encourages her to do the job passionately. Nilofer Currimbhoy was also present on the occasion.

Gallery Sree Arts Jewels and Jitendra Padam Jain presented the exhibition. Tara has been learning art from Jitendra Padam Jain who also curated the exhibition.

Harnessing Demographic Dividends Will be The Objective of ICOI

May 31, 2016


Noida: The management and the apex body of International Conference of Intellectuals met today at Marwah Studios, Film City Noida to plan the forth-coming activities of the forum.

“We are here to design the annual programs under this forum and to create awareness as well as the solutions to the problems identified by the members of the board” initiated Sandeep Marwah Patron and was chairing the Meeting of ICOI.

Two major programs were identified in the meeting related to Education in India and Water Management in the Country. Dr. K.D. Gupta Environmentalist and Dr. V. K. Goswami the former Vice Chancellor of the University were nominated the Chairperson of two committees formed during the discussion.

“The organizational structure must be strong to continue with more events related to nation building,” said Maj. Gen. K. Jai Singh Group Vice President of Amity. “We must bring all ideas under a term “Harnessing Demographic Dividends” with more experts on the panel to form more committees” added R. R. Shah former Secretary Government of India.

“The council must maintain the standard and do lots of home work before involving public and media. Research should be the key factor,” said G. K. Pillai former Home Secretary of Government of India.

Ambassador Surendra Kumar, Film Maker Ashok Tyagi, Educationist Dr. Ajay Kumar, Dr. Alok Satsangi, Radio Noida head Sushil Bharti, Wng Commander N.S. Nehra, Sunil Dhuper, Harshvardhan, IRS Pankaj K Singh, and others also gave their point of view. The event was supported by ICMEI- International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry & AAFT. Raj Nidhi Sharma Secretary General ICOI paid vote of thanks to all the members present there.




International Journalism Centre is meant for Journalists- Sandeep Marwah

May 31, 2016

Noida: “IJC- International Journalism Centre has been created only to look after the needs of journalists and journalism activities. I can very well understand the pain of journalist. We want all of you to come forward and participate in the events designed by IJC,” said Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studios at completion of one year of Pratik News Paper at NEA Auditorium at Noida.

“My heartiest congratulations to Pawan Singh and his complete team for making this venture successful. I wish that many more journalists should look upon entrepreneurship and start their own venture. International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry will support you to plan a new enterprises” added Marwah while releasing the first issue of Pratik Magazine and launching of Pratik website before a large audience of journalists.

Later the management of Pratik New Paper honored Sandeep Marwah for his deep contribution towards perfect journalism in the country. Sandeep Marwah presented mementos of appreciation to all those associated with Pratik Group of Publications.

Colony Name Changed to Shiv Nagri in Noida

May 30, 2016


DSC_0019(1) Noida: “We all are indebted to Sandeep Marwah for his untiring contribution to the promotion of residents of Slum Colony of sector 17 in Noida. It all started with Apna School five years back and now he has taken a very important place in the hearts of the residents,” said Ritu Singh Principal of Apna School explaining why name of the colony has been changed to Shiv Nagri.

“Thousands of people in slums go unattended. They are away from all the facilities of lifetime. We can at least contribute to some extend. Apna School was only a trail, now 11 schools and 800 children are a satisfactory number to quote” said Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studios inaugurating the session at slums and unveiling the new name as Shiv Nagri.

Savita Sharma, Rajeev Gupta, Sushil Bharti and many other social workers attended the event. The people of slum celebrated the new name with great pomp and show. A musical program was also organized at the event. Ritu honored Sandeep Marwah for his valuable contribution to the slum areas in Noida.

ICMEI Promotes Campaign of Save The Girl Child

May 30, 2016



Sandeep Marwah Released The Poster of All India Human Rights Council

A new poster of a social campaign “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” or ‘Save The Girl Child’-under the title ‘Main Tulsi Tere Aagan Ki’ being launched by All India Council Human Rights, Liberties And Social Justice at Marwah Studios by renowned international media personality Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios.

“We are here to support you and every organization who are keen in working for the welfare of the society and up liftment of the country,” said Sandeep Marwah also Parton to AICHRLSJ.

“Tulsi is a symbol of India’s culture and pride. Just as we need to nurture and take care of the tulsi plant since it is symbolically lucky to have one in the courtyard, similarly the girl child too is precious and needs to be nurtured with love and care.” said Ms June Ann one of the promoters of the organization.

“All India Council of Human Rights, Liberties and Social Justice has undertaken the projects at the national level by placing 4 million posters in all schools and colleges of the country. Such programs will be instrumental in changing age old perceptions about gender inequality among students,” added Dr Raju Anthony Global President of AICHRLSJ.

ICMEI Opens Chapter With Zambia

May 30, 2016


New Delhi: The country of Zambia has long relations with India. The agricultural based country has very strong traditions and folk wares to offer to the World. A special meeting was organized with ICMEI at the Embassy of Zambia to discuss in details what can be suggested to develop and promote art and culture of both the countries.

The President of International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry Sandeep Marwah also the founder of Marwah Studios met H.E. Grace M. Mapipo charge d’ Affairs of Embassy of Zambia in New Delhi and offered the services of the Chamber.

“We are amazed by the size of the Chamber. It has not spared any medium of media. We would love to be part of the chambers activities,” said H.E. Grace M. Mapipo Charge d’ Affairs of the Embassy of Zambia to India.

“It is our pleasure to include the country of Zambia on the board and offer attractive activities to join hands with the country,” said Sandeep Marwah of ICMEI.

Indo Czech Republic Film And Cultural Forum Moves Further

May 30, 2016


New Delhi: In a special meeting held at the Embassy of Czech Republic, New Delhi, many important points were discussed to move further in bringing Indian and Czech Republic relations to a higher platform.

The President of Marwah Studios and now Chairperson of Indo Czech Republic Film And Cultural Forum met the senior most officers of Czech Republic H.E. Milan Hovorka Ambassador of Czech Republic to India to discuss matters to promote relations through arts and culture.

The premier film school of the country Asian Academy of Film And Television has announced a scholarship in cinema for the deserving student from Czech Republic informed Marwah.

A collaboration and understanding by the premier media college Asian School of Media Studies has been offered to film schools in Czech Republic. A dedicated festival of films from Czech Republic has also now been planned in the coming months.

“We are here to see that our relationship should bring better results and people of both the countries are benefited,” said H.E.Milan Hovorka.

Music Takes You to Spirituality-Sandeep Marwah

May 29, 2016


New Delhi: “It is very important to love art and culture, who does not believe in arts and music are not close to humanity. Music takes you close to spirituality,” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios speaking in the capacity of Guest of Honor at a musical recital organized by Dr. Mridula Tandon at India International Centre, New Delhi.

The heart touching lyrics by the writer Zeeshan Niazi were so well presented in the most melodies tunes by the singer composer Shakeel Ahmed under the title Bazm E Sukhan. The singer won the hearts of the audience.

Later Sandeep Marwah honored all the artists and assured them to have another show at Marwah Studios at Noida Film City. Suparna Trikha Dewan, Dr. Laxmi Shankar Bajpai and many important people from the field of art and culture were present there.

Painting Exhibition of Beenu Gupta at Marwah Studios

May 29, 2016



Inauguration of Paintings by Beenu Gupta

Noida: “What a display of colors, what an expression, Beenu is a very matured artists” said Lt. Gen. K.M. Seth Former Governor of Chattisgarh, Madya Pradesh and Tripura while inaugurating the painting exhibition of Beenu Gupta at Marwah Studios on the occasion of 90th AAFT Festival of Short Digital Films.

“I wanted to be a painter but got into medical, I now admire painters like Beenu and have great regard for their arts,” said Dr. Mohita Sharma Eye Surgen of Triputi Eye Hospital.

Art promoter Nirmal Vaid, Alumnus AAFT Adesh Sharma, Anil Mittal member Central Board of Film Certification also spoke on the subject. “ It is our custom to have an art exhibition along with every film function. Students must realize that all arts emerged from these paintings,” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios.

Beenu has displayed 14 solo and 60 group shows, is a great aficionado for rich colours mixing with her vibrant imagination and rhythmic balance of the painting and highlights nature, love, relationships and social issues.

She has carved herself niche in contemporary and abstract art formats using Oil/Acrylic/Water/Charcoal media. She paints in simple and honest fashion to put utmost focus to maintain the balance between the content, form and vivacious colours. Through her works, she communicates that love is the most important emotion and there could varied forms of the same.

International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry and Asian Academy of Film And Television supported the event.

Association For Asian Union And Asia Pacific Cooperation Revamped

May 29, 2016

Association For Asian Union

New Delhi: A high profiled meeting of Association For Asian Union And Asia Pacific Cooperation took place at India International Centre at New Delhi under the President ship of renowned international personality Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios.

Number of points was discussed as how to unite Asian Countries and bring more cordial relations between them. Many suggestions were taken seriously to execute in the coming months.

“We need to support this idea so that we should have a very peaceful surroundings,” said Ambassador Dr. Beni Prasad Agarwal Chairperson of the organization.

Sandeep Marwah President of the organization suggested to have different committees so that different subjects can be brought to the discussion for Asian Unity like education, medical, tourism, Media and entertainment, Securities, Fashion, Literature, etc.

Vice Chairman K.Arya, Vice President K.K.Sharma, Secretary General P.Bakshi, General Secretary J.S.Saluja and many others also spoke on the occasion.