Clean Ganga Project by ICMEI at Rishikesh


Dehradun: International Chamber Of Media And Entertainment Industry in association with The Institute of Applied System & Rural Development (IASRD) has decided to sensitize more than million students of this country to know more about Clean Ganga- Save Ganga project keeping in mind the water abuse in this country.

This time 20,000 students of different schools of Rishikesh were motivated to get into different exercises like painting competitions, cycling around the city, banners, posters designing, writing competitions to create awareness about the subject of Clean Ganga who were awarded by ICMEI for their sincere participation.

Rishikesh Public School & Ganga Action Pariwar (GAP) and Ministry of Earth Sciences Govt. of India joined hands with ICMEI & IASRD to complete the targets and mission declared by Sandeep Marwah President ICMEI and Dr. K.D.Gupta Chairperson of Environment Committee of ICMEI.

There are many factors, which are responsible for the present state of the Ganga, prime being dumping of sewage by the drains into the river. Over 3 billion liters of sewage & Garbage is daily carried & dumped into the river from the numerous towns and cities situated on & along the bank of the river. Apart from the sewage industrial effluents are being released directly, besides the ritualistic practices, which are not eco -friendly. However lack of people’s awareness and participation in controlling the factors responsible for pollution is making the pollution go unabated.

“There is an urgent need to promote awareness about the causes polluting Ganga among people specially those living along its bank and enlist their participation in the Clean Ganga Movement” said Sandeep Marwah President ICMEI.

“It is necessary to shift our approach from engineering- eccentric to people- eccentric. Any action plan for cleaning the river GANGA must involve the people of the area and sensitizing school children to keep GANGA clean is a very effective step to achieve the laudable goal of people’s participation” added Dr. K.D. Gupta of ICMEI.






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