World Environment Day Celebrated at Marwah Studios


World Environment Day Celebrated at Marwah Film City Noida


Noida: A powerful seminar was conducted at Asian Academy of Film And Television at Marwah Film City Noida to give emphasis to the chapter of environment designed by the Environment And Climate Committee of International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry.

“Our ancestors and all religions have warned us to take care of Mother Earth, we could not believe in them and today we have to see the results. Lets be cautious now about our earth to live happily,” said H.H. Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni addressing the members of ICMEI, ICOI, UNIC and IFUNA.

“We have to take care of three major segments when we talk about environment that is Air, Water and Earth. All are equally important. All of them now need heavy attention. The purpose of the meet is to spread awareness of our mistakes and how to rectify them,” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios initiating the talks.

“United Nations has carved this day as ‘World Environment Day’ to keep the World Population alert of the dying & diminishing resources. Contribution of everyone matters in this respect. Every individual has to come forward to be part of this mission of saving the environment,” said Rajiv Chandran Information officer of United Nations Information Centre.

Maj. Gen. Ajay K. Singh Group Vice President of Amity University pinpointed many deficiencies in our way of life, which needs to be corrected. Dr. K.D. Gupta Chairman Environment And Climate Committee of ICMEI, Dr. V.K.Goswami Chairman Research Committee of ICMEI, J C Singhal, President, Institution of Water & Environment (India) Dr. Dinesh Chand Adviser to Ministry of Environment, Government of India and Deepak Parvatiyar of IFUNA also presented their point of view to the house.

A poster highlighting World Environment Day was also released as a mark of respect to the day. Later Raj Nidhi Sharma Secretary General International Conference of Intellectual paid vote of thanks. The formal function was followed by Q&A session.


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