Documentary A Forgotten Story Released at Marwah Studios


Noida Film City: On the occasion of launching of Indo Afghanistan Cultural Forum a half an hour documentary under the tittle- ‘A Forgotten Story’ released by Marwah Films And Video Production.

Afghanistan filmmaker Sajia Shojaei directed the documentary- ‘A Forgotten Story’. The picture has very well depicted the pain of the Afghani refugees who have been ignored by all the important sections including United Nations and Indian Government.

The renowned music exponent Ustad Eltaaf Hussain Sarhang, Jyoti Kalash IAS Principal Resident Commissioner Nagaland, Bachu Singh City Megistrate Noida, Vijay Handoo Former Director Doordarshan, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, Najeem Khan an actor from Afghanistan, Sushil Bharti executive Producer of the film, Dr. Ajay Kumar Director ASMS released the film jointly,

“We have announced 162 films in joint production with different countries, this is one of them. Many more are in pipe line,” said Sandeep Marwah Producer of the film.

The film is showcasing reality said Eltaf Hussain . It has touched my heart said Vijay Handoo. I will try to pass on the message to the higher authorities said Jyoyi Kalash. We are looking for peace in our country added Najeem Khan.

The hall full of young audience clapped for the film for a long time. “The film could pass on the message to the viewers, this is what we wanted to achieve through this documentary” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Films And Video Productions. International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry coordinated the event.


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