Fashion School added Glamour to 2nd Global Literary Festival


Noida: The first collection of the last and the 3rd day of 2nd Global Literary Festival Noida 2016 was Jauhar inspired by Rani Padmini, the queen of Chittorgarh. She was a perfect example of eternal beauty amalgamated with tremendous strength of character and Individuality. This exceptional combination of beauty and strength was perfectly displayed in the design collection. The designer Ms. Parkhi Goyal used a combination of elegance and boldness in her colors, silhouettes and fabric to depict the theme.

Ms. Monika Bansal designed the second collection “Cindrella”. The collection was deeply inspired by the extremities of life. It beautifully represented the truth of life that after every night there is sunshine and it’s the combination of ups and downs that makes life worth living.

The last collection was designed by Ms.Priyanka Arya (B.Sc. FD). The designer got the inspiration from the ocean. The ocean looks so calm outside but contains a lot of bewilderment inside. This combination of adventure and calmness was beautifully showcased through the collection.

The color combinations cut of the designers and perfect models added a lot to the show. The fashion show has added glamour to the 2nd Global Literary festival,” said Sandeep Marwah President of the festival congratulating Ritu Lal Associate Director of Asian School of Fashion And Design.



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