Fashion Show by Asian School of Fashion And Design at 2nd Global Literary Festival


Noida: On the first day of 2nd Global Literary Festival Noida 2016 three design collections were showcased. The show began with the collection “Kitaabein” designed by Ms. Ipshita Pani (M.Sc. FD). The collection was inspired by the world of books, which is losing its importance with the advancement of technology.

The concept of books locked inside the bookshelves and looking at us was beautifully presented in the form of garments. The second collection “Frolic Hearts” was inspired by the philosophy of the poets who have delivered a strong message of living life to the fullest, whatever the situation be.

The wonderful colors and extremely flamboyant silhouettes did complete justice to the inspiration. The collection was a combined effort of Ms. Surjeet Singh, Ms. Vishakha Bharti and Ms. Richa (Diploma FD) informed Ritu Lal Associate Director of School of Fashion And Design.

The last collection “Rang-Rez” was inspired by the various emotions the colors carry. It wonderfully showcased the various colors symbolizing different phases of life. The students of B.Sc. FD designed the collection.

“I am proud of students of Asian School of Fashion And Design for their extra ordinary efforts in designing clothes,” said Sandeep Marwah President of the festival.



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