Global Fashion And Design Week Hosted 34 Supermodels of the World


34 Super Models From 34 Countries of The World at Global Fashion And Design week

Noida: 34 Supermodels of 34 different countries of the World marked their presence in the first Global Fashion And Design Week Noida 2017 making GFDWN as the biggest fashion week of the country of India.

“45 events, 9 fashion shows, 33000 footfalls, 40 countries in 4 days make first Global Fashion And Design Week Noida 2017 as the biggest fashion week of the country,” informed Ritu Lal Director of GFDWN.

Workshops, seminars, talks, book releases, forum launches, film screenings, social issues, entertainment programs, fashion shows, award functions, master classes, stalls, poster releases etc. were the part of the show.

“It was great experience to be a part of Global Fashion Week,” said Maria Adao from Angola. “This is the first trip to India I am very excited,” said Rippi Hripsime Sargsya from Armenia. “Nice to find fashion and cinema together here,” added Marmin Safarova from Azerbaijan. “Great to know your involvement with Belgium,” said Anna Kapitejin from Belgium. “I invite you to my country,” said Kuch Mei Fung of Borneo (Malaysia) and Katherin Strickert of Brazil praised the nature of Indians.

“We are excited about the event,” said Nargiz Iszayeva from Caucasus (Azerbaijan). The fashion week has given birth to Indo China Cultural Forum, I am proud to be here to support the idea,” said Zijun Zhang of China. Helene Hansen from Denmark Mekdalawit Mequanent from Ethiopia, Jasmine Jarvinen from Finland and Priyadarshini Borah of India also joined the fashion week.

Moriska Momo of Indonesia, Aigerim Nurlanova of Issyk Kul (Kyrgyzstan) , Rumi Shinoda from Japan , Eilem Akhmatova of Kazakhstan , Nayeong Kim of Korea, Aigerim Bektenbaeva – (Kyrgyzstan), Su Lee – Malaysia , Noemi Sanchez – Mexico and Ei Thunder Htun from Myanmar participated in every activity.

Jeanine De Vries of Netherlands, Janelle Nicholas Wright from New Zealand, Veronika Markova of Poland were happy to know the formation of Indo Polish Film Association at Marwah Studios. Janina Espinoza – Philippines, Ines Brusselmans – Portugal, Anna Syzova – Russia, Nilusha Madhuwanthi – Sri Lanka, Bianca Olivier – South Africa celebrated their visit and read about the Indo South African Film And Cultural Forum.

Kamontaht Laobuddeepatapee of Thailand read Marwah’s award from Thailand. , Alona Spodyniuk from Ukraine was amazed to know the launching of Indo Ukraine Cultural Forum from first Global Fashion and Design Week. Marwah told Stephanie Ellen Almeida of United States about his Chairman ship at Indo American Chamber of Commerce. Minh Thu Pham of Vietnam and Zahara Mitu of Bangladesh paid their gratitude on behalf of all for hosting such a grand Global Fashion Week.


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