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Safety and Security of Film Personal Discussed at 13th Global Film Festival

November 30, 2020
Security and Safety of Film Personal Discussed at 13th Global Film Festival Noida 2020

Noida: “Safety saves sickness, suffering and sadness. Every accident is a notice that something is wrong with men, methods or material. We must investigate and then act. Do not think because an accident has not happened to you that it cannot happen. Prepare and prevent, do not repair and repent. The pandemic has brought some new norms to our living habits, we have to include them now in our system,” said Dr. Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios in a webinar to discuss security and safety of Film personal during 13th Global Film Festival Noida 2020.

“The most interesting thing in the industry is there is no fixed rate, there is no rate list and with every film you have to depend for your own remuneration. How difficult it is, no security of what you are going to get after so many years and even after so many films,” said Panchi Jalonvi renowned writer.

Amreeta Roy renowned film maker expressed in details the prevailing conditions of the industry and the ruthlessness of managers, cleanliness problems, unorganised way of shootings, decisions in haphazard manner etc. which still exist. Shelter is another very big problem here she added.

“Industry status has not been utilised fully. Right from transport to shooting locations, refreshment brakes, timings for the people, timely payments ample has been done but a lot to be done. Covid 19 has done some wonders to the system.  We have to institutionalize the system to convince government to support the industry,” said Mukesh Tyagi a popular member of the industry.

“There are enough rules and regulations which every member of the industry supposed to know when he joins industry in any capacity. The systems and procedures are old in nature needs rectifications,” said Ameet Mehta Legal advisor to Association of Film workers.

“New rules and regulations have already brought down to practice in every shooting, production and where post production is taking place. The industry has just opened  and every one moving according to new normal. We have immediately adopted and adapted the norms of pandemic also. Large funds have been collected from good people and distributed to the most needed people of the industry. We are busy and over cautious about the current situation,” said B.N.Tiwari President of FWICE- Federation of Western India Cine Employees while answering many questions.

Peter Ferris an actor and film maker from London UK also spoke about the methods and conditions at UK film industry. Anoop Bose Film Maker and Lawyer, Ravindra Singh Rajawat film maker, Reyhna Pandit actor also contributed to the discussion.

The event was supported by International Film And Television Club, International Film And Television Research Centre, International Public Broadcasting Forum, International Children’s Film Forum, International Women’s Film Forum and AAFT University of Media And Arts.

Cinema Is Powerful Way to Promote Tourism-Seminar at 13th GFFN

November 30, 2020
Seminar-Cinema is Powerful Way to Promote Tourism

Noida: “Every film maker has to keep in mind that Cinema is the powerful way to promote tourism. Wherever you are going to shoot film, it will automatically become the tourist destination for time to come. We have executed our bit of responsibility when we gave a new word of “Film Tourism” to English dictionary thirty years back, people were not aware of this term, now every country is talking about film tourism. Marwah Studios and its filmi activities at Noida film city have attracted more than two million people to this destination and thereby adding enough tourism to Noida,” said Dr. Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios addressing film community at 13th Global Film Festival Noida 2020.

“India and Slovenia are sharing a beautiful friendship and together the business and trade have gone much more in last few years. Slovenia invites you all and offer some of the finest places on earth. It’s a beautiful nation with extra ordinary natural and picturesque locations. The government is taking special care of film units and large subsidies are also provided to film makers,” said H.E. Dr. Marjen Cencen Ambassador of Slovenia to India giving many examples of film shootings in Slovenia.

“Indian film industry has grown big and needs different locations for shooting not only films, but also tele serials, music videos etc. and all that brings India and rest of the world close to each other. Films have power to attract tourists even from remote areas,” said Rajan Sehgal Chairman of TAAI Skill & Education.

 “Cinema should be the priority sector while designing policy of tourism. New ways to attract people to new destinations must be popularize,” said Raju Pareskar renowned film director who also mentioned many figures which have changed in particular cities after film shootings at those places.

“Indian cinema has done a commendable job of introducing India to Indians. Cinema is more powerful than government or other private efforts to make destinations more popular. It starts with Mumbai and hundreds of gorgeous and amazing Indian places you can see in films. It has taken India to abroad,” said Kamlesh Pandey renowned screen play writer.

“East or west, home is the best. All film locations have to be provided with best of the facilities to attract tourism. Only list of shooting locations may not attract many people,” said Farhad Frountanion renowned screen writer & film maker from Holland making everyone cautious about the concept.

 Anoop Bose Lawyer Supreme Court and film maker, Sanchi Rai actor, Nilesh Malhotra actor & film producer also spoke on the occasion. A poster representing Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Forum was also released during the seminar.

Seminar on Potential And Challenges In Cinema Industry During 13th GFFN

November 30, 2020
13th Global Film Festival Noida2020 Seminar on Potential and Challenges in Cinema industry

Noida: “Cinema has itself faced many challenges like popularity of television programs, discovery of new formats from video to DVDs, Piracy of films, closure of theatres, strikes and difference of opinions, Internet and easy availability of foreign films but still it has emerged out of all hinderances and blocks and even today is the most popular and reasonable source of entertainment for the masses. Pandemic has almost broken the leg, it is the passion of film makers which has served enough blood to the industry to survive in every odd condition,” said Dr. Sandeep Marwah President of 13th Global Film Festival Noida 2020 initiating in the seminar -Potential and Challenges of Cinema industry.

“Nobody should enter in the industry without the proper education and training of cinema. The aspirant will be wasting his as well the precious time of production organizations. Even a small course can take you to better position,” said Faraz Akhtar AAFT Alumnus and film director known for his films War Chhord Na Zaar, Ticket to Bollywood, Nannu Ki Janu and now Mere Desh Ki Dharti.

AAFT Alumnus Satyen Bhruth film director from Mauritius emphasized more on the Small budget films and independent producer’s finance problems. “we have subjects but making cinema is now beyond control. We need some agencies where we can ask for finance,” he said.

“Ample films have been produced here but I think the biggest challenge is the marketing and sale of cinema. India is only 4 percent of World cinema market. 96 percent is not yet utilized. You have to tap now international market for the sale and exhibition of your films. The potential is unbelievable right now,” said Ramesh Meer Chief Creative Director & CEO of The FX Factory.

Ashok Tyagi Secretary General ICMEI, Albeena Abbas Diector AAFT, Sushil Bharti Director Radio Noida 107.4Fm, Manish Sharma AAFT Alumnus and Director, Zahir Naqvi AAFT Alumnus and cinematographer also extended their views on the demand and need of talented people in the industry.

The event was supported by International Film And Television Research Centre, International Public Broadcasting Forum, International Children’s Film Forum and International Women’s Film Forum along with AAFT University of Media And Arts.

ICMEI Excellence Awards Constituted During 13th Global Film Festival

November 30, 2020

Noida: “Media and Entertainment Industry has touched around Rs 2,35000 crore turnover last year. This year the industry has been badly hit by Corona Virus, but the best part is that people associated with this industry have neither lost the enthusiasm nor the excitement of being part of this beautiful and glamorous industry. The event organizers and social workers have put in their best to keep the audience busy and diverted them from this heinous Covid 19,” said Dr. Sandeep Marwah President of 13th Global Film Festival Noida 2020 as a keynote speaker.

“The expected turnover in 2023 should be 3,00,000 crores, it is important to keep the morals of the event organizers, managers and social workers high. ICMEI has decided to constitute a new award for these social organizations who have done well even during Pandemic. An international award under the name and banner of ICMEI EXCELLENCE AWARD for the contribution to Media And Entertainment Industry was presented during 13th Global Film Festival Noida 2020 to some of the proactive organizations.

The awards were announced and presented by Dr. Sandeep Marwah who himself is a known event organizer and have contributed to the society through many different organizations.


Princess Angelique Monet of World Peace Initiative- Artisan Festival International USA, Abdul Dewale Mohammed of Africa Asia Scholars Global Network UK, Peter Ferris of Ferris Entertainment UK,  Indrajit Ghosh of MSME Chamber of Commerce, Smita Srivastava of Confluence, Suman Maheshwari of Rajasthan Academy, Bhavisha Buddhdeo of RootSkills, Jitender of SME Bizz Business Networking Star Club, Anju Handa of She Connects, Gaurav Gupta of Lions Club of Delhi Veg., Aditya Tikku of Global Counter Terrorism Council, Kumar Rakesh of India World Foundation and Dr. Vaidehi Taman of Afternoon English Daily Newspaper were the awardees.

U.S. Sonthalia of Fame India, Reena Tyagi of Global Seas Institute, Ram Avtar of Footvolley Association of India, Rishabh Malhotra of Inventivereneur Chamber of Commerce And Industries, Jayashankar Menon of Indian Basketball Players Association, , Bharat Ghai of Dreamcatchers, Rhythm Dutta of DEARC Entertainment, Pranab of EDuTV, Ravindra Bhandari of Bharat Nirman, Anurag Rastogi of Avishkar, J.P.Singh of Indian Skills Development Council, , Bharat Gauba of Shoobh Group, Dr. Antony Raju of News And Broadcasting  Networks and Sahdev Rout- All India Football Tennis were honored with prestigious ICMEI Award.

Mandeep Singh Chatwal of Punjab Chamber of Commerce Shiv Kakran of Trident Communications UK, Illa Rani Sharma of Futnet Federation of India, Mohd. A K Ashraf of Footvolley Association of India, Amit Goenka of Indian Achievers Forum, M.U.Dua of All India Human Rights Association, Nemi Singh Premi of International Human Rights Organization, Acharya Satyendra Narayan of Confederation of World Religion and Prof. Nabhit Kapoor of Peacful Mind were decorated with ICMEI international award by International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry.

Events In Entertainment Industry Discussed at 13th GFFN

November 29, 2020
Seminar- Need of Events in Entertainment Industry During 13th Global Film Festival Noida 2020

Noida: “The most badly effected segment of entertainment Industry during Pandemic is the Events. A huge loss of revenue has occurred either because of cancellation or postponement of the shows. Entertainment has changed its shape. Everything has come to mobiles, computers and television Channels. There is a need to look for more,” said Dr. Sandeep Marwah President 13th Global Film Festival Noida 2020 initiating the seminar-Need of Events in Entertainment Industry.

“Many community events are planned months or even a year in advance, but with so many unknowns amid the pandemic this hasn’t been possible. Now that the prime event season of summer is here, with many communities’ best-loved events cancelled, it is still possible to plan events with shorter notice and provide a source of hope, positivity and connection for your community,” said Dr. Sanjeev Layek of WASME.

“It will be important for events to adhere to the new safety guidelines. That is the way events can be resorted and we can move further,” added Indrajit Ghosh of MSME Chamber of Commerce

“Live musical performances and music festivals are among the best-loved types of events but can be very difficult to plan given the ever-changing guidelines and public health restrictions,” said Peter Ferris of Ferris Entertainment, London, United Kingdom.

“Hosting meetings and events post COVID-19 would require people and event management companies adjusting on a large scale. It would require a combined effort of all the sectors to kickstart the industry again,” said Abdul Mohammed Dewale President AASGON London, UK.

“One of the real problems the industry would face in the long run is that it would be tough to re-organize an event when they don’t have any timescale. As there is no specific time limit of complete eradication of COVID-19 or its control, it is hard to predict any rescheduling of events soon said Princess Angelique Monet an American multi-media talent and former Ms. Black South Carolina USA.

Gaurav Gupta of Lions Club of Delhi Veg., Rhythm Dutta of DEARC Entertainment, Dr. Vaidehi Taman of Afternoon English Daily also expressed their views during seminar. Later the seminar was followed by award function. Some of the best event and social organizations were honoured with ICMEI Excellence Award for their sincere contribution to media and Entertainment Industry.

New Noida Film City Part of 13th Global Film Festival

November 29, 2020
13th Global Film Festival Noida 2020 Seminar on Noida Film City

Noida: “We are lucky to have now the extension of a film city in Noida. Its been 30 years we have been nurturing and cultivating the city. The existing film city has become the fastest growing film city in this part of the World. Seventy-five acres outdoor and twenty-five acres indoors with sixteen studios, are house to three hundred fifty channels. Seventeen thousand media professionals are working in the city and center is catering to more than hundred thousand people as far as bread earning is concerned,” informed Dr. Sandeep Marwah founder of film city and President of Global Film Festival Noida.

“I may not be directly connected to Noida Film City but I know that Indo Romanian Film And  Cultural Relations have taken a new shape being started from Marwah Studios of Noida Film City,” said H.E. Radu Octavian Dobre Ambassador of Romania to India while talking about  Romanian political, cultural and economic ties with India in the capacity of Chief Guest.” I presume that Noida Film City Extension is going to be the biggest film city of India which you all need being the biggest film producers of the World,” added Radhu Dobre.

“Uttar Pradesh has everything what a film maker is looking for. Infrastructure, man power, a powerful film institution, aptitude towards cinema, Cinema lovers and goers, locations, historical monuments, buildings, villages, city and government subsidy. The new film city is going to be a great success,” said Tarun Kumar CA & advisor to Ministry of Finance.

“The most important thing is to have a professional attitude towards film making. Rest everything can be managed. The new film city in Noida will bring boom in film production in this part of the country. It is no way competition to Mumbai film business,” said Pankuj Parashar renowned film maker from Mumbai.

Popular music director Dilip Sen, film journalist and AAFT Alumnus Romail Gulzar from London, casting Director Sushma Kaul, film Director Sanjeev Tyagi and actor Priyanka Chauhan also expressed their views on the subject. The program was conducted by Albeena and festival director Ashok Tyagi paid vote of thanks.

The festival is presented by International Film & Television Club of Marwah Studios in association with International Chamber of Media & Entertainment Industry and AAFT University of Media & Arts.

13th Global Film Festival Noida Brought Relief in Pandemic

November 29, 2020
13th Global Film Festival Noida Inaugurated Online

Noida: 13th Global Film Festival Noida 2020 has brought not only an excitement for the film enthusiasts, but it is a relief and medicine to mind in this corona virus period. Once gain the team of Marwah Studios and ICMEI along with AAFT University created a through entertainment for the global cinema devotees for three days from 26th to 28th November online.

“We are happy to announce the opening of this three-day extravaganza of cinema for the Global Cinema lovers and hope that everyone will enjoy the coming programs from today onwards. Cinema Movies and magic are very closely associated, and film makers are the magicians. Cinema can fill the empty spaces of your life and loneliness. I welcome each and every one, who like & love cinema, to this festival. This is the first time GFFN is online,” initiated Sandeep Marwah President of the Festival

Chief guest of the day H.E. Asein Isaev Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan congratulated the whole team for taking efforts in pandemic to entertain the masses already suffered all over the World. He mentioned the relation between India and Kyrgyzstan and the especially the sincere roleplayed by Indo Kyrgyzstan film And Cultural Forum. He invited filmmakers to shoot in Kyrgyzstan. “The World is changed by your action and not by opinion, and film makers are the ones who believe in the same theory,” said H.E. Asein Isaev.

“I am addicted to the programs of ICMEI. Every program is different, and the range is so big that you are bound to be attracted the show. Dr. Sandeep Marwah is the biggest Global showman. He is the real entertainer. These kind of events bring the whole world together, I wish festival a very large audience and success,” added K.L.Ganju Consul General of Comoros in India.

“When people leave the theatre, they remember a line, a character, a sequence and the emotion along with entertainment, this is the impact of cinema,” said Dr. Sargei Fandeev Director Russian Centre for Science and Culture.

“The language of cinema is emotions. This is the best way to unite people, be it in India or USA. I am amazed by the energy of Marwah in uniting the  world through cinema. I am the biggest supporter of his vision,” said Mike Berry film Maker from USA.

Film Maker and Alumnus AAFT Rajesh Bajaj, Luxury Consultant and Director International Children’s Film Forum Madhavi Advani, Film Maker and Alumna AAFT Lavlin Thadani, renowned Producer Director Uday Shankar Pani also spoke on love, peace and unity through Cinema. The program was conducted by AAFT Director Albeena Abbas and Festival Director Ashok Tyagi paid vote of thanks.

Chatt Mahautsav Attracted People From All Over India

November 21, 2020
Chatt Mahautsav Celebrated in Delhi Noida

Noida: “The art and culture is the only way to bring peace love and unity to the World. Charity begins at Home, every one should try to get involved with one or other art to bring a healthy and creative environment around yourself,” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios while initiating the program.

The event started with talk by Anu Sinha renowned Kathak exponent and Director of Krishna Kala Foundation expressing her desire to develop and promote young talent of the country in arts followed by presentation by Umesh Ji and Rajeshwari Tyagrajan who all spoke about Chatt festival and historical traditions.

Today’s program also witnessed renowned singer Vishwapriya Mukherjee who sang traditional and modern numbers related to the festival. “I am a multifaced person with a creative background and a through workaholic. My objective is to render my service to the industry to the best of my capabilities and in the most qualitative manner while keeping in mind the hardest of timelines,” said Mukherjee.

Danseuse Jaya Priyadarshini enthralled all with her graceful kathak moves and some Chhat geet which were choreographed equally with precision in kathak style. “Classical Dance is my passion. I have always treated my dance as my prayers,” said Jaya Priyadarshini.

Ambadipudi  Lakshmi, Dr. Krishna pal, Mahipal Singh, R.Sakarwar ji, Mona  Verma,   Rachana Bhargawa, Asavari pawar,  Rajni Rao, Dr. Amita Khare, Anuradha Sharma Abha Bansaland many more art lovers of this Art fraternity. The program completed with Singe R. Suman who enthralled the audience with her Chhat geet.

The event was supported by International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry, Radio Noida 107.4FM, Asian Academy of Arts and Krishna Kala Foundation.

National Day of Morocco Celebrated at ICMEI

November 19, 2020
National Day of Morocco Celebrated at ICMEI

Noida: “I on behalf of ICMEI, Media and Entertainment Industry and complete Art & Culture fraternity of India take this opportunity to extend our heartiest congratulations to H.E. Mohamed Maliki Ambassador of Morocco to India and people of Morocco on the National Day which falls on 18th November,” said Sandeep Marwah President of International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry at a event organized at Marwah Studios.

Not very late the Ambassador of Morocco nominated Dr. Sandeep Marwah President Marwah Studios as the Chair for Indo Morocco Film And Cultural Forum. The organization has been created to develop and promote relation between two countries.

The country of Morocco has been a regular participant in major international events designed by ICMEI including Global Film Festival, Global Literary Festival, Global Festival of Journalism and Global Fashion Week.

A special space has been carved out in Radio Noida 107.4 Fm and MSTV for the broadcast of Moroccan programs.  Recently the country of Morocco was also the part of research program at AAFT University by students of journalism and fashion school where Moroccan fashion was displayed in a big way.

International Students Day Celebrated at AAFT University

November 18, 2020
International Students Day Celebrated at AAFT University

Noida: “Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential. Knowing and believing in Your own potential can be part of your journey to being successful. If you start to believe in yourself and your potential more, you can become more motivated to prove yourself. When you think you can’t reach your potential, you may not even try,” suggested Dr. Sandeep Marwah Chancellor of AAFT University of Media And Arts at a web event to celebrate the International Student’s Day.

International Students Day is an annual celebration observed on November 17th of each year. Students are the building blocks of any nation. They are the future generations whose knowledge marks the nation’s development. It is a global celebration Day for the student’s community that celebrates the multiculturalism, mutual assistance, and diversity among the students globally. 

International Students Day originally commemorates the attack of Nazi German in Czech Universities in which the more than 1,200 students were sent to the concentration camps, and many others were killed. The Day is a symbol of the struggle of the students globally.

The event was supported by ICMEI-International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry, Scouts Guides Organisation and International Film And Television Research Centre of Marwah Studios.