Indo DPR Korea Film and Cultural Forum Announced

Indo Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Cultural Forum Launched

Noida: 11th Global Festival of    Journalism Noida 2023 is the best occasion to announce the launching of Indo Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Film and Cultural Form and the name of the Chair of Indo DPR Film and Cultural Forum as we are surrounded by like-minded people from so many different countries of the World at the same time,” said H.E. Choe Hui Chol Ambassador of DPR Korea to India while releasing the poster of the forum.

The forum is created to have best of the relations between the people of India and Korea through art and culture. Different kinds of events can be planned to bring the strengths of both the countries on the table. People must learn the art and culture of both the countries,” added Ambassador Choe Hui Chol

“We are very enthusiastic to deal with The DPR Korea and its people. It has given us another opportunity to showcase the talent of both the countries,” said Dr. Sandeep Marwah President of 11th Global Festival of Journalism and International Chamber of Media and Entertainment Industry congratulating the Korean team.

Relations between India and DPR Korea have been generally characterised by friendship, cooperation and understanding. As members of the Non-Aligned Movement, there is a commonality of views between the two on many international issues, e.g. Disarmament, South-South Cooperation, etc. Both sides continue to work closely in international fora and support each other on various issues of bilateral and international interests. The event was supported by Asian Unity Alliance & World Peace Development and Research Foundation.


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